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Solution Manual for Vector Mechanics for Engineers is a book written by the collaboration of few authors namely, Ferrdinand Beer, Jr. Johnston, E. Russell, Elliot Eisenberg and David Mazurek. The book was published by McGraw Hill Publications and it came into the market in 2009. Ever since its publication, the book has become quite popular and it is one of the books that are much used by students in the field of engineering. Universities also have this book for their engineering courses or the teachers would often recommend the book to the students. It is a solution manual to the book of the same name. At the end of this article, download Solution Manual for Vector Mechanics for Engineers Pdf free.

Solution Manual for Vector Mechanics for Engineers Pdf


The book talks about different exercises of vectors. The previous edition of the book was also quite successful and the authors decided to update the information in the ninth edition. The exercises have been refreshed and updated a little to keep up with the newer concepts and the latest additions to the field of vector mechanics. The concepts in the book are quite accurate and at the same time, they are also very thorough.

This is why the book serves as a great guide for university-level students. The new edition has almost 40% of the problems that are different from the ones in the previous editions. So, teachers can use these problems to test their students.  This book brought innovation in the field of engineering mechanics. It contains a methodology that the students can use to solve any problem that they face in the practical field as well as on paper.


  1. The book explains problems in their context and gives the students a thorough and accurate method of solving them properly.
  2. It provides the students a good opportunity to learn about the dynamics of vector mechanics and also teaches them to get excellent at problem-solving.

Download Solution Manual for Vector Mechanics for Engineers Pdf Free:

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