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Solution Manual for Mechanical Vibrations Pdf

Solution Manual for Mechanical Vibrations is a book that contains the answers to questions that are presented in the book of the same name. The book was written by Singiresu and it was published by Addison Wesley in the year 1995. Since then, the book has inspired many people and has helped many students learn about mechanical vibrations and how they actually work. The book consists of 912 pages and is filled with solved examples for helping the students understand each and every concept in a better way. At the end of this article, download Solution Manual for Mechanical Vibrations Pdf free.

Solution Manual for Mechanical Vibrations Pdf


The book offers an introduction to the subject so people who are new to the field can also benefit from the book. It is written in a very simple way and it deals with all problems relating to the applications of mechanical vibrations and the computational aspects of the subject. It is an engineering guide for students who deal with vibrational mechanics in their daily life and have to solve real-life problems related to the subject. Not only are there mathematical problems and solutions in the book, there are also many physical problems that are discussed in the book. The book also comes with a disk in which the Fortran programs are present for a better understanding of the students. The author has tried to include as many real-world examples as possible so that the readers can get a better insight into the subject.


  • The book is a guide for students from the field of engineering.
  • It can serve as a learning source for students and can also serve as a testing method for teachers.
  • What sets it apart from other books on the topic is the fact that it includes massive coverage of real-world examples that have been solved by the experts in the field of mechanical vibrations.

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