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Solution Manual for Electronic Devices Pdf

Solution Manual for Electronic Devices is a book which contains solutions for the exercises that are present in the textbook by the same name. The book was written by Floyd and published by Merrill in the year 1992. The book has much information about circuits and the different components that are present in a system. The book is quite up to date with the latest electronic devices. The author of this book is well-known for his teaching method which involves him explaining the complex working of an object or mechanisms in a very easy and comprehensive way. His method of explaining is very straight-forward which helps the students understand the concepts in the book better. In the end, download Solution Manual for Electronic Devices Pdf free.

Solution Manual for Electronic Devices Pdf


In the book, there are many examples that help the students understand electronic devices and their functioning better. Also, there are many multi simulations in the book to even further aid the students in understanding electronic devices. To help the students understand each concept in a better way, the author has used illustrations. These make the understanding of complex electronics concepts easier. The book touches on basic components and then moves on to mention integrated circuits and analog devices.

There are also many problems related to amplifiers and FET amplifiers. The instrumentation that is used in advanced circuits is also mentioned in the book, in different problems. The author has also included optical topics in the book for the students to understand electrical components in LEDs and related things.


  1. The book is filled with problems relating to devices like amplifiers, transistors, and circuits.
  2. Discrete and integrated circuits, both, are mentioned in the book.
  3. Problems relating to different kinds of amplifiers are present in the book, such as log amplifiers as well as antilog amplifiers.
  4. Students will also learn how to solve problems relating to programmable analog devices.

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