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Engineering Circuit Analysis is a book about engineering written by William H Hyatt. There has been a slight revision in the book by the co-author, Steve Durbin. The author is from the University of Canterbury. The revised edition is great for usage by all students of engineering and Mathematics. It was first published in 1971 and since then it has been revised quite a few times.

engineering circuit analysis pdf

Engineering Circuit Analysis Review:

For students studying in their electrical engineering degree, this book is a gem since it contains multiple principles and outstanding exercises for testing yourself. The best part about the book is that instead of having all the answers at the end of the chapter, there are certain answers at the end of every few pages. So, all the questions related to those few pages are answered at their end. This helps the student catch up with the questions as they learn everything.

Laplace transforms are also mentioned in the book and students can get a lot of information about the practical aspects of all the theorems and laws from the book. Moreover, Matrix applications are also present in the book and students can learn about the application of matrices in practical life. The exercises in the book are aimed at helping the students gain insight into the practical working of the mathematical laws and theorems.

Engineering Circuit Analysis Features:

  • The book provides a sea of knowledge along with having exercises which are helpful for students to understand the concepts that they have learned.
  • Laws relating to circuits such as Ohm’s Laws are also present in the book for the students to learn about the dynamics of circuits and their working.
  • Maxwell’s four equations are also present in the book and the book gives the readers insight into the working of these equations and what they can be used for in terms of practical field.

Download Engineering Circuit Analysis Pdf Free:

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