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A First Course in Probability Ed 9 Pdf Free Download

A First Course in Probability is a math book written by Sheldon Ross. The book speaks of the discipline of mathematics that deals with probability. Published by Barnes and Noble, the book has succeeded in getting many readers and has helped all of them in many ways. At the end of this article, download A First Course in Probability Ed 9 Pdf free.

A First Course in Probability Ed 9 Pdf


In his book, the author talks about probability in detail. He starts by talking about the probability theory and how it works. Then, he goes on to explain their application in daily life and how they tend to affect the lives of people working in many practical fields. The book speaks of many different examples, explaining them in detail and also talking about the principles behind them. This book is equally important from people from the field of math and other fields. It can also help people from the field of business, engineering and even science. The book may be used as a reference book by people who want a little information on the subject and it can also be taught as a course book on undergraduate levels.


  • The author talks about random variables and their role in the probability theory.
  • There are also questions in the book for the readers to test themselves and at the end of the book, the author has added the solutions to these questions.
  • Limit theorems are also mentioned in detail.
  • The author has used a whole chapter to explain how the theorem works and how it can be used in practical applications of probability.

Table of Contents:

Combinatorial Analysis

  1. Axioms of Probability
  2. Conditional Probability and Independence
  3. Random Variables
  4. Continuous Random Variables
  5. Jointly Distributed Random Variables
  6. Properties of Expectation
  7. Limit Theorems
  8. Additional Topics in Probability
  9. Simulation

Appendix A. Answers to Selected Problems

Appendix B. Solutions to Self-Test Problems and Exercises


Download A First Course in Probability Ed 9 Pdf Free:

Download it here

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